The Women of Columbo paintings.

About 12 years ago I was watching my favourite TV show on DVD: Columbo. I paused the show to leave the room for something, probably more tea, when I came back in the room I was struck by the image on the TV screen, so I took a photo of it. That was Vivian Dimitri from episode 'RIP Mrs Columbo'. I would continue to occasionally photograph these Columbo 'pauses' with no real purpose other than to capture these fleeting images that I found appealing. Many years later I decided I would paint Gloria and with her came the start of 'The Women of Columbo' series of paintings. Considering composition, colour, and mood mostly, I do not intend to recreate these images exactly, I'm more struck by the macabre glamour of these ‘pauses’ and my intention is to capture a mood or fleeting expression caught for a split second in a TV screen still.

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