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The Ford Mill Tiles

I was commissioned to create a unique ceramic tile design for a newly renovated family kitchen. The brief was to incorporate features of the landscape of the Barber family house and gardens in North Devon. The client wanted the design to reflect artistic elements of the artist Hieronymus Bosch; a surreal imagining of the architecture and countryside particular to them and their home.

Nine months in the making and designing, I started by taking dozens of photos of the area for research. Using these and sketches for reference I painted a series of 9 or so A3 background images that I then put together on a composite image using Photoshop software. I then added many of the flora and fauna onto that image.

Once completed the distinctive wrap-around design was printed onto tiles, and fitted above the Aga. Magpies, horses, herons, trolls and many family dogs adorn the detailed Devon landscape with rolling hills, lakes and forests all blended into one seamless image to create a truly unique and deeply personal illustration.

Printed ceramic tiles.

226cm x 106cm. 

Please click on images to enlarge.

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