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Tika Viker-Bloss

London born artist. I enjoy using many mediums of art; my artistic skills are quite varied and many and I am open to all creative briefs, but I am never happier than with a paintbrush in my hand.


I really enjoy my animal portrait commissions in particular as of course no two are alike. Despite always being a technical challenge to recreate the physical traits of the subject, to paint its character and personality is the true challenge.


Creating work such as the Ford Mill Tiles was a dream project, allowing me to paint in detail beautiful creatures and stunning scenes for a brief that also included the fun and obscure.

My most recent commission is 1803. Executed in watercolour and inks, this A1 illustration is a celebration of the year Ford Mill in Devon was built, high-lighting some the noted people and events of the year 1803.

Examples of my work below. 

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